Measure rooms


Measure the length and the width of a square or rectangular room.
Use Perimeter formula to find the perimeter of the room
                         P = 2(length + width),
Using measuring tape, find the length and width of the room.

Measure an irregularly shaped room manually.
 If the room you are measuring is not a square or rectangular, you will need to measure each individual side of the room’s perimeter. Work your way around the room’s perimeter with a measuring tape, recording the length of each side of the room.

Add all the measurements together. Use a calculator to add up every measurement you took of the irregularly shaped room. The result of this calculation is the length of the perimeter of the room.

Ex:   S1+S2+S3+S4+S5+S6+S7+S8+S9+S10 = Length

Requirements and wishes

a)  Living Room:

Whether your social area is big or small, the secret to a comfortable room for entertaining, TV watching, or just hanging out is judicious spacing. For optimal viewing, size your TV based on its distance from the sofa. To get the minimum screen size in inches, divide the viewing distance by 3; for the maximum, divide by 1.5. Aim for a 15- to 20-degree viewing angle to the center of the screen from couch.

Necessities and accents coexist harmoniously with the proper dimensions.

b) Dining Room:

To know how many chairs can fit comfortably around your round, rectangular dining table.

c) Pass-Through:

Mostly customers need to know how much space should they use for a pass-through and furniture settings.

d) Furniture and things:
 Customers should know where they need the furniture can fit in their specific rooms properly.

e) color and type of rooms do customer desire.

3d design for customer

Creating good Interior Design presentations for clients has always been one of the most important and time-consuming tasks that designers do. Clearly illustrating your design ideas is critical to enable your clients to visualize the space, the design, and their options. When done effectively, clients are then better able to see the value of the design and make the decisions necessary to make the design a reality.

The first step in preparing an interior design presentation is to create drawings and images of your design proposals. Normally this starts with a basic 2D floor plan to show the project layout. However, many clients find floor plans hard to read. Adding some color, texture or shadowing to the floor plan can help but, hand-rendering adds an extra step to preparation time.

Along with preparing floor and furniture plans, a selection of finish samples, fixtures catalogs, and furniture images are laid out for clients to choose from. While many clients are able to select finishes and items they like, they struggle to visualize them in the space. Creating additional perspective drawings or sketches help to illustrate the room design in 3D but, creating good perspective drawings is both a challenge and time-consuming.

In addition, new technologies such as 3D CAD, have dramatically changed the visual landscape as well as our visual expectations. Design customers have come to expect 3D visualizations for their home design projects without realizing the time and cost involved in producing them.

In addition, you can enable your floor plans with Live 3D to allow your clients to take a virtual tour of their home design as if they are actually there.

Send all information about project

In order to choose the furniture for your project, send us all the information and send the project and we will add our products to it so that the client can choose what interests him.

We will add our furniture to your design

Once you have thrown off the interior design of your client, we immediately add the furniture that they needs and perfectly fits the style of the room. Give the designer a detailed scedule of the project. you shoud take into account the various stages of design project such as consultation,concept development, production and delivery. We love originality and creativity, so if you can dream it, we will do our best to make it happen.