Delivery Question

Our appointed delivery company will arrange a convenient time for delivery with you before the item is dispatched. Please note: If you do not make this agreed appointment you may be asked to pay towards the delivery costs. If you think you might not be able to make the delivery or have missed the delivery please contact us as soon as possible or call our team on +1 (929) 777-5535

Order delivery times vary dependant on the Brand and type of furniture you have ordered. If you have ordered a standard size product through the website please check the product page and then additional information field to find out the approx delivery period. If you have ordered more than one product from us we will normally wait until all products are ready for shipping. Our chosen delivery company will contact you approximately 1 week before delivery to schedule the service. Please note: Italian furniture items can have longer lead times in the summer months (July/August) due to their traditional summer factory close down. While we will always try to work with them to avoid any delays lead times during this period can be extended by up-to 2 weeks. Please note that due to factory shutdown over the Christmas / New Year period our lead times can be increased by aprox 2 weeks depending on item ordered. Should you require more accurate delivery dates please contact our office and one of the team will be on hand to help.

Our delivery charges are based on your postal code. As you progress through the  website shop and enter your delivery details the shopping basket will indicate any delivery costs before completing your order on on-line. For more information or to obtain a delivery quote please contact us directly.

First of all take any measurements of the access route, – Can access be gained easily for your items to be delivered? – Are the doors wide enough? – Are there any awkward stairs, lifts or passageways? – Will the furniture fit in the room? If there is anything which you are concerned or unsure about please contact one of our team and they will help advise you.

According to our commitment to offer you the best possible service of our delivery team to place your furniture things as you required. Please Note : This service is not applicable for your any own fixed furnitures and excluded mirrors. Please check our new  version of checkout pages on delivery services.

Yes, you can change your delivery address. Please contact by phone on +1 (929) 777-5535 and tell your name, phone number or order number.

Usually we will wait for all your products to be ready for shipping prior and delivery to you.

We deal with special shipping requirements on individual application. Please contact us directly for more information.

USA, New York ,please contact us through our website or through our office on +1 (929) 777-5535

Ordering On-line

Feel free to browse on our website and once you have found the perfect furniture item for you, configure and add to ‘shopping cart’ as before. As you are a previous customer you can simply click ‘login’ at the top of the page and our website will automatically fill in your address and contact details (based on your previous order).

Firstly, thank you for your interest in our website and products. All you need to do is progress through the website, find the perfect piece of glass furniture which you like for you. Select your Options and add then when promoted, Click ‘Add to Cart’ (you are not committed to purchasing at this stage). Follow the simple on screen instructions from here entering your details as requested. Remember you can always order over the phone on +1 (929) 777-55-35  (Monday-Saturday, 8am-6pm) our team will be on hand to help out.

No need to worry about that, If you click the ‘login’ link at the top of the page and then click ‘Forgotten Password’ and follow the on-screen instructions. We will email you a new password. If you would like to change your password to something more memorable, simply login and click ‘My Account’ at the top of the page (this will show instead of the ‘Login’ link only when you are logged into the site). Then click ‘Change Password’ link on your account page and follow the on-screen instructions.

Yes, you can place your order over the phone.  please just call us on +1 (929) 777-5535 and let us know the details of the product you are interested in and one of our team will guide you through and answer any questions you might have.

When you order though our website and are successful our website will automatically email an ‘Order acknowledgement’ to you showing details of your order. Our office will also write to you by email (Monday to Friday) with an ‘Order Confirmation’ confirming that we have received your order and payment and that we are now in the process of fulfilling your requirements.

If you have ordered through our website and have not received an email ‘Order acknowledgement’ but think you have completed the process successfully. Please contact our office immediately (Monday to Friday – 9am-5pm)and one of our team will be on hand to help. Before contacting our office we recommend checking you spam/junk email folders to see if the email has gone there by mistake.

Product Questions

Yes! we do offer a bespoke glass furniture on a wide range of our range of products. Our specialist are on hand to help guide you through the process.

Our Fancy Glass and Mirrors branded products are designed and manufactured right here in the US. This ensures we have full control over production of our own items ensuring you the customer receive the only the very best.

A ‘Made to order’ product is made specifically for you, we are therefore unable to offer refunds or exchanges once the order has been placed. This includes all made-to-order items as well as orders that have been put into production as per the customer’s individual specifications – eg. a specific finish or color. We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, but rest assured, your item will be expertly crafted from the finest materials just for you. For help and Advice please contact one of our team.

Due to the nature of our products we don’t keep samples to be sent out as standard. Samples can be seen in our office. Please contact us directly for more information.

Yes we do offer a bespoke color service on the Fancy Glass and Mirrors brand range of products. We normally work with RAL or Pantone colour references. For more information and to discuss with our team please contact us directly

We generally use two type of glass to make our furniture – Standard Clear and Extra Clear Glass; both have their own unique appeal and color character. Extra clear glass is becoming more and more popular in glass furniture these days and is given as an alternative option on many of our products for sale through our website. The structural performance of Standard and Extra Clear Glass is exactly the same the only difference is the color/tint.

Standard Clear Glass (Regular Glass) has a slight green tint to the body of the glass and a very dark green edge detail (most of the products you see on our website are photographed with this glass option).

Extra Clear Glass (Starphire Glass) has very little tint to the body of the glass appearing almost completely transparent – the glass edge has a very slight crystal blue/green tint.   Please note: that on larger and thicker glasses  the tints can become very slightly more prominent

Yes, very strong. All of our Fancy Glass and Mirrors branded glass furniture are produced using toughened glass (unless otherwise stated), sometimes known as ‘tempered’. Many of Fiam and Sovet products which use flat glass are also toughened to the same regulations. Please note that due to the nature of curved/formed glass and the way in which it is produced it is not normally possible to toughened this glass. For this reason only sells the very best glass furniture brands produced by highly specialist designers and manufacturers. These products have been highly tested to ensure they are safe for your home or office.

As with most materials glass can be scratch if miss-used or miss-treated, however glass is a strong material and under normal use our glass furniture should last a lifetime. In fact if you compare other high gloss or transparent materials to glass, glass will greatly out perform all in terms of strength and resilience; making glass an ideal material for furniture.